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Avyukta Business Centre Private Limited



ABC is a leading provider of enterprise computing applications, and it is best known for its customer relationship management (CRM) products. The company was founded on the simple concept of delivering enterprise business applications to Endowment department of Karnataka. This provides users with easy-to-use and intuitive solutions that can be deployed rapidly. From the beginning, ABC has designed and built an application platform that offers customers a high level of performance, reliability, and security.

ABC introduced its application on automation service, or the application sales for more than 7 years ago and has since introduced new editions with enhanced features. The company also created a platform on which each customer can as to build as they want an application to be. Over the last few years, ABC introduced new applications modules for the government sector and collaborations fields, Which are respectively referred to as the TEMPLE RELATIONSHIP & MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE(TRMS).



With the broad acceptance of ABC TRMS solutions, it has rapidly grown to be one of the largest ERP & CRM solution provider in the government sector, however, even though the company enjoys a very strong position with its core product, tremendous expectations for growth still exist for adjacent products.

In order to meet high growth expectations, ABC will need to balance many things. The company must retain its existing users and continue to improve its applications, as well as increase the usage and adoption of its current product suite. It must foster emerging products and launch new products successfully, ABC is also facilitating the development of third-party applications on its platform. Lastly, it must be pioneer and lead the next phase of application introduction to market with a goal of revolutionizing business by helping business become more social.

While running the company, the ABC management team will face many challenges. Much of the internal infrastructure and process has not kept pace with the explosive growth of ABC, and it will need to be streamlined in order to scale and improve profitability in the long run, As more and more customers sigh up each day, the volume as mass of data and transactions will challenge of growing quickly and maintaining trust with customers will prove integral to ABC success



ABC offers its products through subscription agreements. As the existing customer base makes up a large portion of revenue, retaining current customers will be critical to ABC continued success. Therefore, it is imperative that ABC customers perceive value in the service they receive.



Meeting customer expectation is where we focus on, Discussions with clients allows ABC employees to educate and engage the customer on the value propositions of the company’s products. Sales people will have the opportunity to create co-opted groups through which they can engage with fellow team members and customers. This system will help in building better products to customers and will flatten communication with employee and customer networks.

As ABC has grown and the industry has evolved, both ABC’s product portfolio and the needs of the customers have become more complex. Improving expertise allows sales representatives to spend more time researching conversations and engaging in more solutions selling. A broader understanding of customers’ problems and goals should lead to larger deals and more multi product sales.

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